Return to Intimacy | Apr 5 ~ May 14 2011

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Artists' Art Work

Venue: The Art Center, Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University, click here for direction

- Invited Artists: Jarrett Min Davis, Gi-ok Jeon, Jitti Jumnianwai, Krisaya Luenganantakul, Pinnuch Pinchinda, Jittima Sa-ngeamsunthron, Kitikong Tilokwattanotai, Boonpan Wongpakdee
- JeOn Art Booth Members: Ae-Ja Chun, Min-Hee Jeon, Tae-Soon Jeong, Sabina Kim, Young-Ai Kim, Kyoung-Ae Koo, Helena Lee, Young-Hwa Lee, In-Suk Park, Sunny Park, Sasivimol Sontitham, Suchada Tunlayapornchoti

Curator: Jeong-ok Jeon

- Opening Reception:
April 5, 6pm-9pm (Open to Public)
- Gallery Tour with Artist & Curator
April 5, 7pm (Open to Public)

Return to Intimacy attempts to expose artists’ experience of images, sounds and impressions encountered in their everyday life and show how they employ the experience in their art. Based on the acquisition of seeing, hearing and feeling in their lives which becomes a driving force of creation, the featured artists’ works share themes around art and life, and include treatments of imaginary landscapes, childhood memory, cultural identity and nature. They focus on presenting the artist’s inner voice and his/her surroundings through craftsmanship and artistic sentiment. This exhibition also encourages audiences to see the intimate association between art and life and find a simple truth that the beautiful moment emerges when art and life become one.

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Hosted by The Art Center, Chulalongkorn University
Presented by JeOn Art Booth

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